GOALBITS - Become healthier, wealthier and happier using goal-based habits.

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Take a look at yourself... Are you as fit as you would like to be? Are you running the business you always dreamed of? Are you the person you want to be?

However you answered those questions, I can tell you why. Its because of your habits. You will only become successful in whatever it is you want to do if you work on it every day.

Studies have shown that up to 50% of what we do every day is not conscious decision, but rather habit. Imagine what can happen if you create the right habits. You could make progress in whatever area you want 'automatically'. This is where goalbits come in. A goalbit is a goal-based habit. 

Goalbits work because: 
  • they are habitual 
  • they break larger goals into smaller bits
  • they build them over time
  • they are purposeful.

The Goalbits ebook explains how to create goal-based habits to help you become healthier, wealthier and happier.

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What people are saying about Goalbits:
"What a motivational piece!" 
"I really enjoyed reading this."
"I love the examples and scenarios you gave."
"Loved the little book--so upbeat and approachable."