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I dont have any habits

I don’t have a regular daily routine.

A few month ago I had someone say to me “I don’t have any habits.” This person is a fitness instructor who works out every day. More recently I have had one person say to me “I don’t have a regular daily routine so I couldn’t do a 30 day fitness challenge.” Both times I showed them my “skeptical” face. Unless their brains are wired differently to every other humans it’s more likely they just don’t recognize their habits as such.

40% of daily actions are habits

A study by researchers at Duke University discovered that at least 40% of the subjects daily actions were habits instead of conscious decisions. Put another way, almost half of what they did, happened on auto-pilot without even thinking. This might explain why the two people I spoke thought they didn’t have any habits – because they do them without any thought.

What is a habit

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. A routine can last anywhere from milliseconds to multiple minutes. For example a habit could be as small as tensing up when you see a dog or as big as getting ready in the bathroom in the exact same way every morning for 15 minutes.

Identifying habits

The best way to identify your habits is to mentally go through a day and identify the common habit reminders.
Common reminders are:
When you wake up.
When you walk in to the bathroom.
When you get dressed.
When you walk in to the kitchen.
When you eat breakfast.
When you travel to work or school.
When you get to your office, desk or locker.
When you get a new message.
When you have a break.
When you have lunch.
When you travel home.
When you enter your home.
When you prepare dinner.
When you eat dinner.
After you finish eating.
When you need to go to bed.

Next steps

Once you have identified your habits you can go through and pick one to change or one to piggyback a new habit on it.