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One Habit week 2 update


Here is an update on my One Habit after 14 days.

Logging food

I have managed to continue logging my food consistently. Using the phone alarm as a reminder has been very effective for me because its really hard to ignore. I have the alarm set for 7.00am, 1.00pm and 7.00pm. Already I am anticipating the alarm before it goes off. I haven't missed any meals and I am still being honest and tracking everything I eat (good and bad) - because lets be honest, I could lie to my journal but I can't lie to the scales!

Last week I was literally just logging what I ate. For example "sandwich" or "pizza." This week I have been quantifying how much I eat. For example "2 pieces of bread, 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of turkey" or "2 slices of pizza." I must admit this makes me think twice before I take a third slice of pizza. The food logging seems to be nudging me to make small changes to my diet. 

Incidentally there are apps like "MyFitnessPal" that log exact servings of food and tell you how many calories, how much fat, how many carbs and how much protein in everything you eat. These apps are very popular and for people who are motivated to count calories they are fantastic. If you are one of these people I encourage you to use an app like MyFitnessPal or follow the Weight Watchers program. I have found from past experience that I find these apps to be a nuisance. 

That being said, portion control plays a HUGE part in weight loss and is the next logical step to logging your food. I haven't decided what approach I am going to take. Its a toss up between the "Scandi Sense Diet" and the "Small Plate Diet." With the Scandi Sense Diet you portion your food using handfuls. The basic premise is you eat three meals a day, each one consisting of two handfuls of vegetables, one handful of carbs and one handful of protein. I have followed this approach very successfully in the past. (Until I got sick and my eating habits changed drastically for several weeks.) The "Small Plate Diet" is the idea that you simply put your food on smaller plates. Its actually been proven to be very effective. It works because firstly you can get less food on your plate and secondly because visually it tricks your mind in to thinking you are still eating a lot of food.


I weighed myself once and I was 167 pounds. I'd like to say tracking alone helped me lose 6 pounds but unfortunately I think my last weighing in was inaccurate. 167 pounds is more in the normal range for me. My weight loss goal remains the same of aiming for 155 pounds initially. I need to develop a habit of weighing myself daily but I want to focus on one thing at a time. Currently logging my food and how much I eat is good. I can work on weighing myself later.