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One Habit week 3 update


Food Log

I am still doing consistently logging what I eat. I am mostly writing down quantities. I am using measurements like "one bowl" for oatmeal or "2 slices" for bread. Its not perfect but it works. Given that my "One Habit" is simply to log food, I am doing well so far.


When I weighed myself this week I was 166 pounds. This is one pound down from last week. One pound a week is actually a sustainable and sensible amount of weight to lose in 7 days. Given that I am actually measuring or controlling my food portions at the moment I attribute this weight lose to the fact that I am now thinking twice before having sweet treats because I know I will have to acknowledge it by writing it down. The food logging seems to be helping me tweak my diet in small ways. 


Although my stated "One Habit" is to log my food, my hope and expectation is that it will lead to more habits. In my mind I was expecting I would naturally make more changes sooner. I am happy I have lost a pound but I do need to temper my expectations. Logically I know this will take time. Emotionally however I want to see immediate eating behavior changes. I need to focus on the fact that I have now consistently logged my food for 3 weeks. That is a great start.