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One Habit week 1 update

Here is an update on my One Habit after the first 7 days.


I decided on the first day to look in to different journal tools. I have been using an app called Journey for my Bullet Journal for several years. I wanted to set a reminder after each meal to log my food. I discovered however Journey wasnt able to set multiple reminders a day. So I did some research in to the best Bullet Journal apps and found Day One. I decided to give this a try. I also decided to try using my regular notes app SimpleNote in tandem to Day One to see which tool I preferred. In setting it up I discovered that Day One couldn’t do multiple reminders either. 

So I started looking in to reminder apps. I found the Habits Loop app which can (kind of) give multiple reminders a day. I actually had to create a "habit" for each reminder which while it wasnt exactly what I wanted to do, it achieved my end goal. In the same vein as trying Day One and SimpleNote for Bulleting Journaling I also decided to try setting some alarms on my phone as my reminder. 

I tried both Bullet Journaling apps and both reminder tools to see what worked best for me. I used both apps in parallel. In the end Simplenote seemed easier because there were fewer taps to update the Bullet Journal entries throughout the day. It is also an app I am in several times a day as well. I found that using an alarm reminder on my phone was much more effective because honestly it was harder to ignore, 


Although my initial One Habit was simply to log what I eat I decided to weigh myself. The scale said I was 172 pounds. This was a surprise to me. My normal weight is between 163 and 168 pounds. Interestingly, when I was at the Doctors on the 31st they weighed me and their scale said I was 173 pounds. At the time I dismissed it and I put this down to wearing heavy shoes and having my phone, wallet etc on when when I was weighed. It seems weight loss was the right goal to focus my keystone habit on after all. I am five foot six and a half. (Don’t forget the half!) Google says a male of my height should weigh between 133 and 163 pounds. Short term I'd like to get back to 165 pounds. Longer term I want to get to 155 pounds.

How often should I weigh myself? I did some research and there have been quite a few studies in the last few years that have found that people who weigh themselves every day lose more weight that people who weigh themselves more than once a week. The only caution I read was becoming overly obsessed with the number on the scale. That won't be an issue for me. I decided to add my weight to my journal as well. I also read that a persons weight fluctuates throughout the day so you should weigh yourself at the same time every day.


My food logging has been brilliant. I started logging my food a day early on December 31st. I have remembered to log my food every day. And what is more, I have been honest and written down everything I have eaten!

Here is a sample of my Bullet Journal including my food log:


# 210103
@ Intention
) Mood
+ Gratitude
B banana, oatmeal
S belvita, apple, cookie
L cheese and turkey sandwich
D mac and cheese, brocolli

# 210102
@ Intention
) Mood
+ Gratitude
S banana
B oatmeal
L turkey wrap, cookie
S sweets
D baked potato, fish, broccoli

# 210101
@ Intention
) Mood
+ Gratitude
B eggs on bread
S cookie
L cheese and coleslaw sandwich
S eclair
D chicken burrito

@ My implementation intention for the day. 
) How I am feeling or my mood.
+ Something I am grateful for.
S is snack.
B is breakfast.
L is lunch.
D is dinner.
W is weight.

If you want to learn more about Bullet Journals read this blog post.

What you might notice looking at this is while I have been great at logging my food, I haven't been quite so good at weighing myself every day. I will focus on building the food logging habit for another 7 days and then I will tackle building the habit of weighing myself. I also haven’t been logging portion sizes. This is something to think about going forward. All in all a good start to my One Habit though.