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The importance of positive instructions

  "Don't touch the stove, it's hot." "Don't run in to the road, there are cars." "Don't mess this up." "Don't trip as you walk down the aisle with everyone watching." We have a bias for the negative. Partly it is your brain trying to keep you alive. The amygdala has two thirds of its neurons wired for negative inputs. Studies have found that people are more likely to make a decision based on avoiding something bad than to get something good. It is also partly social conditioning too. All our lives we hear negatives. Our parents tell us not to touch the stove. Our teachers tell us not to talk in class. Our bosses tell us not to be late. Here is the problem - after being told "don't do that" people don't actually know what they should do. You can't do a "don't." Telling someone "don't" isn't actually helpful. It is actually unclear. So what can you do? My first suggestion wou

One Habit Week 6 update

  Food log I continue to consistently and accurately log what I eat. I'm not doing great at logging how much I eat however. Whilst I am doing well at sticking to my One Habit, the real reason for the habit is to lose weight. I had been hoping that the One Habit would magically spurn more good habits but that hasn't been the case. I tried making a habit of "when I am hungry then I will eat mostly plants until satisfied." The "satisfied" portion of the habit has made me more aware of when I have had enough to eat and I have been putting down my fork when I have had enough which is good. I haven't been quite so good with the "most plants" bit however. Weight Well apparently writing doesn't burn enough calories to lose weight. This week I gained one pound and now weigh 168 pounds. Sustainable weight lose will always have its little hiccups but I don't feel I am making progress (IE losing any weight!) I need to change something. Reflection I

One Habit week 5 update

  Food log I continue to consistently log my food in my journal. This One Habit is going very well indeed. I haven't missed a meal and I haven't "forgotten" to log any foods. Last week I decide to start a new habit of "when I am hungry then I will eat mostly plants until satisfied." I would give myself a 6 out of 10 for this. I have been conscious about only eating when I am hungry (which is a good thing) and I have also been paying attention to how full I am and stopping before I become stuffed. I haven't, however been quite so good at eating mostly plants. I have been eating fruit first for snack and putting more vegetables on my dinner plate. Ideally half of what I eat will be plants. I'm probably at 20% to 25%. I have eaten fewer donuts in the past week though because I have been conscious about eating more plants. Weight My weight was down 1 pound from last week to 167 pounds. Had you asked me how the last week was before I weighted myself I wou