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One Habit week 5 update


Food log

I continue to consistently log my food in my journal. This One Habit is going very well indeed. I haven't missed a meal and I haven't "forgotten" to log any foods. Last week I decide to start a new habit of "when I am hungry then I will eat mostly plants until satisfied." I would give myself a 6 out of 10 for this. I have been conscious about only eating when I am hungry (which is a good thing) and I have also been paying attention to how full I am and stopping before I become stuffed. I haven't, however been quite so good at eating mostly plants. I have been eating fruit first for snack and putting more vegetables on my dinner plate. Ideally half of what I eat will be plants. I'm probably at 20% to 25%. I have eaten fewer donuts in the past week though because I have been conscious about eating more plants.


My weight was down 1 pound from last week to 167 pounds. Had you asked me how the last week was before I weighted myself I would have said it wasnt great. However losing 1 pound a week is a healthy amount of weight to lose. So according to the scale, I am actually doing OK. I have to start eating more fruit and vegetables. For now I will continue with "when I am hungry I will eat mostly plants until satisfied" but I am mulling over what I can do differently.


I am pleasantly surprised I lost 1 pound last week. I do want to eat more plants though. I am thinking about how I can do that.